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Pantone Fall 2016 Color Report: How to Wear It

October 21, 2016

Fall is here! Break out those pumpkin spice lattes and work on your pumpkin patch poses, because your Instagram is itching for some seasonal spunk. Of course, you also need to get your fall fashion in check, too.
There’s just something so fun about autumn fashion--all the cozy knits and booties to stomp around in--what’s not to love? Although seasonal staples remain chic cornerstones of your fall wardrobe year after year, it helps to keep things fresh by adding in new colors and trends to stay relevant.
Polka Dot Dress Shop Pantone Fall 2016 Color Report

Luckily, we have some help in the freshness department. Ever heard of Pantone’s color report? Pantone is known to be the color authority in both textiles and fashion. They always come out with a “Color of the Year” to set the tone for the upcoming year (more on that in a couple months), taking into consideration societal, style, and other cues. Well, this fall, they also released a Fashion Color Report for Fall 2016 based on the looks seen on the runways. Ready to see which hues to bring into your autumn looks?


(Credit: Pantone)

From left to right...

  • Riverside
  • Airy Blue
  • Sharkskin
  • Aurora Red
  • Warm Taupe
  • Dusty Cedar
  • Lush Meadow
  • Spicy Mustard
  • Potter's Clay
  • Bodacious

As you can see, some of these shades are classics, and some are surprising for fall. The key is to mix in old and new colors to create a look all your own. Pantone describes what inspired this pallette: “The desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism have inspired a Fall 2016 color palette that is led by the Blue family.” Surely we can all agree that we are yearning for some tranquility and optimism right about now!

Here are our picks for you to add to your fall wardrobe from the Pantone Fall 2016 Color Report.

Rich in Riverside blue, the Navy Ponte Megan Midi Pencil Dress is on-trend color-wise and lengthwise. Midi dresses are the perfect layering pieces for fall and offer a slew of styling opportunities. This dress will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Using Aurora Red and a brighter version of Spicy Mustard, the Ethno Patterned Dress is a fabulous choice for fall. Runways were saturated with various versions of pink-and-yellow combinations, so you’ll be right there with best of ‘em with one easy dress. Yellow is the accent color of the season.

For a full-on Spicy Mustard frock that brings a retro flair to your style, the Trends With Benefits Polka Dot Rockabilly Dress is our favorite. A polka dot dress is timeless, so you can never go wrong with one.

Lastly, get a little crafty with the Warm Taupe Sweet Summer Southern Polka Dot Dress. Don’t let the name fool you--spaghetti strap dresses are getting new life this season when you pair a plain white t-shirt underneath. Sound a little ‘90s to you? That’s because the ‘90s are taking over the trend-scene as of lately, and the response has been overwhelming.

No matter which dress(es) you choose, all of these chic numbers are sure to bring a whole new dimension of style to your tried-and-true fall wardrobe. See, you’re a fashion insider and you didn’t even know it!

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