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At the Polka Dot Dress Shop we're celebrating classic patterns and bold styles as unique as you are. Of course, you could run down to the mall and pick up a little black dress, or a stunning striped number for the party next weekend, but five women will probably be wearing the same one.

Classic patterns like polka dot, striped, and floral dresses have been a staple in every fashionable woman's closet for over 100 years. We search high and low across the globe to find distinctive designers who create fashion separates you from the pack. Every dress that goes in our store has to answer one simple question: is this special? 

We've discovered wild colors and cuts from boutique designers in Spain and Portugal, and fun, stylish looks from right in our back yard in LA, and San Diego.

Even a little black dress is anything but average with the right tiny details, and a really stellar design.  

We hope you enjoy our selection of dresses, and as always, tell us what you like! We're always happy to find more of the good stuff to offer in the store. 

Please review the dresses you buy and let us know which lines you love.